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Pet Wellness

Pets are a part of the family, and taking good care of them is important. There are several ways to keep your pets healthy and happy. These include: * Taking your pet for regular check-ups 1-2 times per year. These appointments can play an important role in averting... read more


Great Imports stocks a variety of massagers. These include massagers intended for the foot, neck and lower back. Our massagers are classified as deep massagers. Deep massage is a method in which steady, firm kneading is employed for an effective work up of the inner... read more


Thermometers come in two main forms: touch and non-touch. Touch thermometers require contact with the body to evaluate temperature, while non-touch thermometers are capable of evaluating body temperature without contact. Our GP 300 non-touch thermometers measure body... read more

Air Purification

Air purifiers which make use of water as a filter are cost-effective, as replacing filters can be expensive. The variety of water-using air cleanser appliances that Great Imports specializes in are Air Purifiers Our Air Purifiers  allow for the addition of... read more