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5 Reasons Why You Should Use An Electronic Kitchen Scale

5 Reasons Why You Should Use An Electronic Kitchen Scale

In recent years cooking has become part art form part science and having accurate measurements can really improve the quality of what you're creating and also manage your portion sizes.

Recipe changes

If you're an avid google searcher for recipes then you may have noticed that many recipes are now quoting measurements by weight rather than the approximate cup measure. Making a kitchen scale is a smart tool to ensure you measure accurately and achieve the same great results.

One of the main reasons is for this change is has been the culprit we all know by the name flour. For years many recipe followers have called to lightly spoon flour into a dry measuring cup and level it with a knife before adding it to a recipe.

But people often don’t spoon the flour lightly, or they use the measuring cup to scoop it, which can result in adding too much flour and with light baking, there is even less margin for error than with conventional baking.,

Where a couple of tablespoons of too much flour may yield a dry cookie or cake. Which can be prevented with using a scale to measure accurately.


So here’s my list of 5 reasons why you should have a digital scale in your kitchen.

  1. They’re more accurate – For all the reasons listed above, volumetric measurements are inaccurate for anything except liquids.

  2. They’re easy to use – In case you’ve never used a digital scale, it’s a totally different experience from a traditional scale. They have large digital displays that show you the exact weight of your item within seconds. The tare button lets you put a bowl on the scale and zero out the scale. If a recipe calls for 250 grams of flour, 10 grams of yeast and 5 grams of salt, you can stick the bowl on the scale, tare it, pouring each ingredient directly into the bowl all without dirtying a single measuring cup or spoon.

  3. They do conversions – most digital scales can be easily switched from metric to imperial. While metric tends to be easier to use than the Imperial system, especially when you’re dealing with small quantities (0.17637 ounces of salt vs. 5 grams of salt), using a digital scale obviates the need to do conversions.

  4. They’re affordable – Digital scales are inexpensive, and there are a range of models to choose from from low to high end.

  5. They’re small – I know what it’s like having to pick and choose your kitchen gadgets due to limited space, but digital scales are no bigger than a small paperback book.


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