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A perfect complement to your Crystal-Aire Purifier.

They are made from natural plant, herb or spice extracts, fragrances or pure essential oils. They kill disease-causing bacteria. The Concentrates effectively control odours and improves air hygiene. Thereby assisting the Purifier to clean the air.  Most importantly, they are water-based / water-soluble and it is for this reason that they can SAFELY be used in the Purifiers.

Directions for use in a A perfect complement to your Crystal-Aire Purifier.

Crystal-Aire Purifier:

Add only a few ( 5 - 10 ) drops of Air Purifier Concentrate into the purifier water for a fresh and clean aroma. Repeat whenever you replace the water, or to your personal preference.  Used in this way, your pack of 3 x 30ml Concentrates will last you a month or more.

The Air Purifier Concentrates can be compared to Hydrosols, Floral Water or Distillates, containing the water soluble components of the plant and therefore have much more gentle, but  similar, properties to the essential oil.

Hydrosols, Floral Water or Distillates have a fragrance that is light and delicate, but similar to the essential oil, distilled from the same plant, making hydrosols an excellent choice for fragrant room and linen sprays as well as for use in an air-purifier.   Hydrosols are an easy way to add a delicate natural fragrance to almost anything.

Important to Note:   Due to the electronic workings of the purifier motor, adding an oil-based fragrance or essence to the water will most certainly result in damage to this motor. Many essentials oils are corrosive. Damage to the motor in this way will cause you to loose the manufacturers warranty.!! It is for this reason that only water-based / water-soluble fragrances can be used, as explained in this article.


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