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Crystal Aire Holographic Displays: The Future is Here!

Crystal Aire Holographic Displays: The Future is Here!

This might be one of the trendiest new inventions of our time!

These brand new Crystal Aire Holographic Displays can project a high quality 3D image in the air, making it look like the objects are literally floating right in front of your eyes. 

The device is made to be mounted to a wall or pillar and produces the holographic images with LED lights that are built into the blades. Images can be loaded onto a SD card or pushed through to the device via a wifi network. The network options works with an app that users can download on their iOS or Android devices.

The fan is smart enough to run certain loops you preset it to project. This way, you can manage to have a 3D slideshow in the air.

This product is great for business owners who want to attract new customers to their shops. It is still very rare in South Africa and we are proud to be one of the only suppliers of these products in the country.

Click here to read view the items in our shop and to get yours today!

You can also watch this review for a better understanding of how these holograms function.


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