How to keep your wits about you when your keys go missing!

You're Late! Quick grab your keys and go, except you can't find your key's "mmm now where did I put them". You think to yourself "did I leave them next to my bed" nope not there, "maybe they fell in between the couch last night when I was watching TV" nope not there,"Oh noooo ........... I'm going to be late"

STOP Don't panic, stay calm, take a deep breath, "they have to be somewhere in this house, it's only logical". Ok so now you at least have calmed down to a mild panic, you will find your keys, say that to yourself over and over again.

This exact same thing happened to me last night except it was the remote control and I was not going to admit defeat, I was going to find it and that was that.

Search the house room by room

The first thing to do is start searching the house, room by room. Look inside all drawers, shelves and cupboards, basically look inside anything that opens. Next look underneath tables, chairs, beds, pedestals etc. Remove all cushions on your couches, chairs or bed. Lift up the mattress if you have to or just slide your hand underneath and around the edges. Don't forget to check the fridge, bathroom and even all the dustbins in the house because sometimes we out our things in strange places sub consciously.

Retrace your steps

If you have still not found your keys then it is time to retrace your steps. Walk out the door and take the exact route that you took when came home. Look carefully on the ground to see if your keys fell down on the way to the house. Go all the way to your car and search your car thoroughly. Still no luck. Now think carefully where you were the day before, work, coffee shop, shopping centre, give them all a call or go back there, they probably found yours keys and are keeping them for you!

Be disciplined in your search

The main thing is to be thorough in your search. For example if you are searching a drawer then move all the items out and pack them back in, one by one. Do the same when searching the couch. Start by taking all the cushions off, run your hand into and under any crevices. Search each and every space in your entire house.

Focus on cluttered areas

Search amongst multiple objects, lift each object up and look underneath, your keys could have fallen in-between your things. It's easy to overlook cluttered areas.

Prevent this from happening again

You can stop this kind of aggregation from ever happening again by:

  • Putting your keys in the same place every day after you arrive home.
  • Installing a key holder and hanging your keys there every day.
  • Always return your key to your bag after you use them.

Purchase a key finder

Sometimes its just easier to use technology to make your life easier. Just Great Imports has two wonderful key finders

They are both wireless and have a range of 30 to 40 meters. They work by attaching the receiver tag to your keys or other objects. By pressing the colour coded button on the control, a beeping sound will be emitted on the receiver leading you to your lost keys. This is going to be a great time saver for you and will help you avoid a lot of unnecessary stress.

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