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Musical flower pot

Musical flower pot

Coming Soon Magical Music Flowerpot.

Just Great Imports is proud to announce that we will soon have this wonderful Magical Music Flowerpot to bring fun and light into your life.


It has a sensor enabling you to play piano tunes by touching the leaves of the plant.

It is also a soft LED night night. It is made from quality ABS material in a lovely eggshell shape. It's the perfect accessory for indoor and outdoor rooms. Plays music through via bluetooth though your phone. Auto switch off after 10 min for sleep mode. 10 different music tunes. Functions as a traditional flower pot, it is waterproof. This is truly a unique and joyous product and is coming soon to South Africa, so check it out, so that when the next shipment arrives you will be the first in line to get the new and innovative product


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