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In recent years cooking has become part art form part science and having accurate measurements can really improve the quality of what you're creating and also manage your portion sizes. Recipe changes If you're an avid google searcher for recipes then you may have noticed that many recipes are now quoting measurements by weight rather than the approximate cup measure. Making a kitchen scale is a smart tool to ensure you measure accurately and achieve the same great results. One of the main reasons is for this change is has been the culprit we all know by the name flour....

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In today's modern city life and even out in the less congested suburbs the air can become a problem. The air we breath is constant being tossed full of chemicals, pollens, dust and other particles that can irritate your lungs or nasal passages. Clean air is not only important but essential to us all. However, fresh air has taken for granted in recent times. Some of the more pessimistic would even say that clean air is not possible these days due to the constant degradation and air pollution.   A Home Should Be A Breath of Fresh Air As clinical...

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