What To Get Mom For Christmas?

Moms  and grandmothers can pose a particular problem when it comes to buying Christmas presents. After all, she will probably tell you she "doesn't need a thing!" and is genuinely happy reminiscing about the amazing macaroni necklace you made for her in Grade 3. Or she's already bought herself everything she wants and would rather you just spend your money on yourself. These unselfish mothers are really one of the hardest people to find gifts for, besides even if its not a great gift they'll still accept it gladly knowing its coming from a loved one


How do i shop for selfless mom or granny?

So now it's up to you to figure out the one thing your mom doesn't realize she must have this Christmas. But no pressure — she's only the woman who clothed you, fed you and will love you no matter what. Actually, that does take the pressure off, doesn't it?

If you're stuck with this dilemma this year or have been stuck with it for a number of years,  we at Just Great Imports are here to help. Here are a few suggestions of gifts for mom or gran, ones that she will truly love — and won't get annoyed about the price tag.

How to get mum to relax

She's worked tirelessly this year not to mention all the previous years she's had to put up with you and dad. The least you can do is give her time to relax, to put up her feet, forget about her worries and have some "me time". As with many mums, it is notoriously hard to get them to just sit down during the holiday's and not try to cater for everyone's belly so how do we get them to take a beat, slow down and just relax? Tie them to a chair is one option, but if you didn't get your knot tying badge in the scouts we've got a few alternatives for you.

For tired eyesPangao Eye Massager

For healing handsHand Massager

For a pain in the neck - Pangao Neck Massager

How to pamper mum

She's looked after you for years and continues to do so, even if you're think you're all grown and independent. So why not take some time to pamper her for once.

Be handyTouch Beauty UV Nail Dryer 

Keep her off her feet - Touch Beauty 5 in 1 Manicure Pedicure Set

To Save face - Mini Wrinkle Remover and Massager

How to help mum work off the Christmas pudding

She's kept you fat and healthy for most of your life why not give her a way to stay in shape and keep her on track so she's around for years to come

A little bit slimmer - Pangoa Slimming Belt

To keep track of yourself - Electronic Bamboo Scale

Give mum lots of love this Christmas 

Now that you have some idea of what to get mom make sure you avoid the festive rush by purchasing your presents online this year. At Just Great Imports we pride ourselves on getting our customers great deals all year round so you don't have to wait for Black Friday madness to save big. 

To find more gifts for mum check out our products for women

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