Why the Wireless Doorbell is such a useful product

This product really made my life easier. We had just moved into one of those old houses, there was a wired doorbell installed, but it wasn't working. I was working from home and was expecting couriers to arrive throughout the day and I really did not want to miss them when they arrived. The hassle and expense of wiring up a new doorbell was not an attractive option for me. Then I remembered this great little product we were selling.

With a piece of Prestik I stuck the doorbell button outside by the gate and then stuck the receiver inside where I could hear it, and that was it, doorbell problem solved.

It had a few other uses too, like brightening up dark passages when I came near to it, and I could grab it off the wall and use it as a torch when the electricity went out. 

I could take it with me on holiday and use it in my hotel room, just in case a stranger entered the room while I was napping or having a shower.

This is a very useful and versatile product.

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