Naipo 3D Back and Waist Massage Cushion with Tappingon - MGBK-136D

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Product description:  

Naipo Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat for Lower Back.

8 three-dimensional rotating balls mimic the vigorous penetration of a real massage therapist hands.It delivers deep shiatsu kneading massage via an inward and outward motion giving you an authentic massage experience. Turn up the speed for a  quicker massage, providing added relaxation and relief. Select the heat function to further relax your back muscles enhancing the massage experience.The handle makes it more  convenient to handle, while the ergonomic design fits your curves perfectly.


Product details:         

Brand: NAIPO                                        

Product Type: Health & Personal Care Device                  

Product color: Black                        

Warranty: 13 months                                   

Barcode: 712376777416                        

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Pinloon E-Commerce Co., Ltd.



Material: ABS and PU mainly                              

Power: 30W

Function: MASSAGE



Weight: 2KG                                          

Height: 36cm                                        

Length: 14cm                                        

Width: 34cm