JGI Smart Sport Bracelet

JGI Smart Sport Bracelet

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• Big display smart bracelet is fashionable and functional.

• Download the FundoBracelet App from Shenzhen Fenyun Technology onto your smartphone.

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    Features include:
    • Time and Date
    • Heart rate monitor
    • Full activity tracker - steps/running/ Calories counter
    • Weather display function
    • Silent vibration alarm
    • Hydration level monitor with drink reminder
    • Sleep monitor
    • Vertical and horizontal screen touch display and control function
    • Remote Camera - opened through APP remote wristband that takes pictures on your phone
    • Find your phone function
    • Message alerts from social media and WhatsApp
    • Long Standby time and can be charged via usb (remove watch section from the wristband, you will see that it is its own usb. Then insert into USB port
    • Waterproof and dust proof
    • Works via bluetooth

    How to setup your Fundo Smart Watch:

    The first thing you need to do is download the software:

    1. To charge your watch remove the display piece from the strap, this will reveal the USB which will be plugged into your USB charger. While this is charging....
    2. Search for the Fundo Bracelet App in the App Store of your Smart Phone and download it.
    3. Open the App and select the little pen icon located on the top right corner of the screen. Register your account with an email address and password.
    4. Then select the bluetooth icon to pair your watch with your phone. (If you find that your phone and watch are not pairing, switch your watch off and then on again and repeat this process)
    5. You may upgrade the software for smoother functioning by selecting the red button labeled FIrmware upgrade and upgrading to VO 2.5.
    6. You can adjust your Target settings (for how many steps you make on a daily basis) or exit your bluetooth connection from this page by selecting Exit  or Unpinless (pink button) 
    7. The home page will show you in more detail your steps, sleep pattern, and heart rate for the day and if you select further it will show you a monthly bar graphs of your performance. Each day begins again on 0.
    8. More: All functions are accessed on the watch by pressing the red button in succession:
    • Time, Date and Day are displayed,
    • Weather is shown as well as the temperature, 
    • Amount of steps taken, 
    • Amount of kilometre's, reached
    • Amount of calories burnt, 
    • how many hours you slept that night, 
    • your Blood pressure (when on this function hold down the red button until the heart starts pulsating to register your blood pressure), 
    • the Find function (hold down the red button until your phone starts beeping the maximum distance of the bluetooth range is 10 metres without walls ). 
    • The Alarm clock allows you to set an alarm once off or on specified days of the week,
    • The Reminder mode is activated whenever you receive any type of alert. The screen can just brighten up or just vibrate or brighten up and vibrate when alerts are received.
    • you may take a Remote Picture when selecting this function on your phone and then pressing the red button on your watch it will take a picture but you first have to go to "settings on your smartphone" find the Fundo Bracelet App and switch on the photos and camera switches. This works well if you attach your device to your body while exercising.
    • Switch screen will allow you to change the orientation of the display on your watch. Either vertical or horizontal.
    • Hand up bright allows you the option of the screen coming on with movement of the watch, either shaking or turning upwards to look at your watch.
    • Call notify, message notify and QQ message notify must be on to receive messages.
    • All the social media apps are available for receiving alerts.
    • Sedentariness alert can be used as a reminder if you are still for too long, the time specifications can be selected.
    • The alerts will not work when Not disturb has been selected, the time specifications can also be set for this.
    • Heart Rate allows you to set the times you would like your heart rate to be monitored
    • Drinking alert allows you to set the times when you would like to receive drinking reminders as well as the frequency of such alerts.

    If for any reason your watch has lost it's bluetooth connection and you are not receiving alerts, please switch the phone off and on again or Exit the bluetooth pairing pair again.


    How to switch your Smart Watch on and off:

    This is important for disconnecting the pairing between your phone and your watch. 

    1. Gently place your thumb on the red button and hold down for a few seconds.
    2. The on off option will show on the screen, release your touch for a second.
    3. When the OFF function is displayed in larger letters, hold the red button down again for a few seconds to switch the watch off. (It will vibrate slightly)
    4. To switch the watch on again hold down the red button again until you see W808S on the screen (it will vibrate slightly).


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    Regular price R 899.00 R 699.00 Sale


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