Marnur Beetle Foot Massager - MGF-50020A

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Product description:  

Marnur Foot Massager with Rolling and Kneading

Foot shiatsu massager comes with professional grade technology and sleek design, which facilitates metabolism and eliminates fatigue. You can use the electric foot massager anywhere and at anytime! 



Product details:         

Brand: MARNUR                                  

Product Type: Health & Personal Care Device                  

Product color: Black   

Warranty: 13 months                     

Barcode: 712376777423                        

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Pinloon E-Commerce Co., Ltd.



Material: ABS mainly                           

Power: 30W

Function: Massage Foot



Weight: 4.5kg                                      

Height: 41.8cm                                    

Length: 35.9cm                                   

Width: 23cm