Naipo memory foam lumbar support cushion - MGMS-LD26

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Product description:  

Naipo Memory Foam Lumbar Support Cushion

Supports your lower back’s natural curve to help you create a healthy sitting posture. Slow rebound foam relieves stress to protect your back. It can be used in your lower back or neck to promote relaxation and relieve tightness. 3D mesh cover helps air to circulate.


Product details:         

Brand: NAIPO                                        

Product Type: Health & Personal Care Device

Product color: Black                        

Warranty: 13 months                     

Barcode: 712376777256                        

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Pinloon E-Commerce Co., Ltd.



Material: Memory Foam mainly                       

Power: No

Function: Thoughtful ergonomic design fits your body perfectly, support your lower back's natural curve to help you create a healthy sitting posture.             



Weight: 730 g                                      

Height: 3.85cm                                    

Length: 3.2cm                                      

Width: 1.2 cm