Naipo Multi Purpose Kneading Massager (Plug in) - MGS-801 SOLD OUT

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Product description:  

Naipo Shiatsu Kneading Massager for Neck and Shoulders with Heat.  8 roller massagers operating in 2 directions for effective massage of neck, shoulders.          


Product details:         

Brand: NAIPO                                        

Product Type: Health & Personal Care Device                  

Product color: Black + Grey             

Warranty: 13 months                     

Barcode: 712376777232                        

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Pinloon E-Commerce Co., Ltd.



Material: PU+ABS mainly                                       

Power: 24W

Function: Help to relax the body and improve blood circulation.       



Weight: 1.8KG                                     

Height: 4.0cm                                       

Length: 1.8cm                                      

Width: 1.85 cm