Crystal Aire Executive Air Purifier Bundle

Crystal Aire Executive Air Purifier Bundle

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KJ-168 Bundle Features the Crystal Aire Executive Air Purifier and 3x30ml concentrates.  The Executive Air Purifier has four LED UV Lights and built in ionizer to eliminate airborne pathogens.  It is effective in the elimination of bacteria , pet odours, tobacco odours and  prevention of mould and fungi growth.  The LED lights make is extremely aesthetic and soothing.  Good decongestant and provides relief for allergy sufferers.  Features include:  LED Display; Touch Panel; Colourful LED Lights; Anion Outlet; Sleep Mode; Auto on/off and Timer function.  The 3 pack value concentrate pack included with the purifier further enhance the quality and aroma of the air.  Fragrances included are 30ml Ocean Mist, 30ml Eucalyptus and 30ml Vanilla.  Only Crystal Aire concentrates can be used in this purifier.  12 month manufacturer's guarantee.

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