Digital Height Metering Tape - HT701-15

Digital Height Metering Tape - HT701-15

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Product description:  

The Camry HT701-15 measures body height by ultrasonic ranging technology. LDC display and max capacity of 200cn /6.56ft. Low battery indicator and auto off function. Power: 3x1.5 AAA batteries (not included)


Product details:                                                

Brand: Camry                                                                              

Product Type: Wireless Body Heightmeter                                 

Product color: Green                                                             

Warranty: 1 year                                                                      

Barcode: 0 672867 507024                                                      

Manufacturer: Camry Industries Company Ltd                        



Material: Plastic, Steel                                                                  

Capacity: 200 CM / 6.56 FT                                                           

Power: 3 x 1.5V AAA batteries (Not include)                               

Function: Measure Body Height by Ultrasonic Ranging Technology



Weight: 100g                                                                              

Height: 22 cm                                                                             

Length: 7.7 cm                                                                           

Width: 5 cm                                                                                 


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