Hydrogen Water Bottle - OLS-H1 SOLD OUT

Hydrogen Water Bottle - OLS-H1 SOLD OUT

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Product Description

Rechargeable hydrogen rich water maker.
The hydrogen acts as an antioxidant to reduce fatigue and prevent premature ageing.

Product Details

Product name                                           Rich hydrogen water maker

Model                                                         OLS-H1

Color                                                           light grey

Voltage                                                       5V

Electrode                                                    Titanium  Platinum

Hydrogen concentration                         800 ppb

Power                                                         1.2 W

Product size                                              Φ70x270mm

Material                                                      High-strength Eastaman Tritan

Battery Capacity                                       1000 mA

Bottle Capacity                                         500 ML

Net weight                                                 320g