Naipo Electric Pulse Massager - MGEP-206P

Naipo Electric Pulse Massager - MGEP-206P

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Product description:  

Naipo Electronic Pulse Massager(with FDA 510k)    

The MGEP-206P Electronic Pulse Massager uses microcomputer control technology to send a regular weak current, stimulating the body. It helps to simulate acupuncture and massage. It can activate human cells, to produce tissue cells, helps promote blood circulation, thus alleviating pain.


Product details:         

Brand: NAIPO                                        

Product Type: Health & Personal Care Device                  

Product color: White                      

Warranty: 13 months                                   

Barcode: 6009704962717


Manufacturer: Shenzhen Pinloon E-Commerce Co., Ltd.



Material: ABS mainly                           

Power: DC 3V (2*AAA LR03 battery)20mA

Function: massage



Weight: 240g                                       

Height: 13cm                                        

Length: 8cm                                           

Width: 7cm

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